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"The Omega Bars have SAVED me this week. I am dedicated to a nutritious breakfast and have a routine that usually allows me to cook and enjoy it at home. This week has been very busy and breakfast has been on the go. I'm so grateful for a nutritious option on the go! Thank you!!"  -Rachael S., RI

"I'm a huge fan of your Omega Bars. I'm trying to kick the refined-sugar habit, and your treats give me so much to look forward to!" -Julia C., Newport RI

"Eating well does NOT have to be boring, tasteless, or bland!  Leah's passion and creativity for health and wellness and her attention to detail come through in every rich, savory, delicious bite of her creations!  Her Omega Bars are my personal favorite!"

Michelle M, Middletown RI

"Leah's Recipe is one of the most innovative places to find creative, healthy and absolutely scrumptious treats.  The whole experience is only made better by the fact that I know what I'm eating is natural and healthy.  If you get the chance to meet Leah, you know she's amazing, so it's no surprise her recipes are too!  My personal favorites are the macaroons, but I'd happily eat all the tasty treats!"

 Jess P., Portsmouth RI

I received my order today. I just want to say thank you so much! They arrived in good shape, and the cookies are sooo good!  I'm surprised by how good the Omega Bars are too! Delicious!  Thank you!
-Lorrette, Warren RI