Leah's Recipe

Real Food Desserts

Reminding You Eating Healthy Can Be Easy!

Leah Rosin-PritchardComment

Eating healthy isn’t about dieting, or sacrificing, or feeling hungry; it’s about being good to yourself. It’s about learning about what your body wants and enjoying the process of fueling it.

    Focusing on eliminating over-processed foods along with bringing new recipes and exciting natural foods into your diet is all you need to kickstart into healthy habits. Once you see what these natural foods can be and how good they taste and make you feel, dieting is no longer dieting, it is just eating.


Image from jamieoliver recipes

Image from jamieoliver recipes

Enjoy every part of the process!

Get into simple (or not so simple) recipes and ideas.

Open packaging with care.

Clean with music on!

Chew your food slowly, letting each flavor hit your tongue. Even plain brown rice can taste delicious this way.

Be inspired by spices and sauces

Get excited about sweet or fatty fruits and nuts


I don’t feel like I’m missing out or keeping myself from indulgment. I eat lots of (maybe too much…) chocolate (dark or pure cocoa) and fruits and peanut butter and cinnamon and honey. I eat natural already prepared treats even, like Leah’s cookies and bars and chocolate truffles! What is important is I feel good and am using real food. This is being good to my body! This is health and happiness.