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How to Get Your Family On Board With A Healthier Lifestyle

Leah Rosin-PritchardComment

Want to make a change in your eating and lifestyle habits and unsure of how to get the family on board, whole heartedly, to ensure success?  Here are some tips to help!

1) Make it fun!  That's why I made my products- I love sweets, I love chocolate, and I use meal bars a lot.  I needed to replace the standard sugar/dairy/gluten, and most importantly chemical laden packaged foods out there with healthier versions that tasted BETTER than what I was previously eating.  I knew that in order to stick with the change, it had to outdo the old habit in taste and satisfaction level.  So- start replacing your family's go-to sweets with healthy ones that taste great!  Have a half hour and really want some cookies?  Bust out this super easy recipe that's definitely worthy of even the pickiest of kids.

2) Fill the pantry with healthy stuff- simple concept; no room for junk, no junk to be eaten!  Fill the fridge with veggies and you'll HAVE to cook them and eat them.  By the way- take any vegetable (besides the high water content veggies like cukes and celery), cut it into 1/2 inch cubes, coat in olive oil, salt, and pepper, and roast at 400 degrees until fork tender.  This is how you learn to cook and love every veggie- roasted and caramelized, it's like veggie candy!

3)  Keep each other motivated- stay communicating about cravings.  If someone is just DYING for a doughnut, talk about it!  Sometimes when we just talk it out, describe the craving and why we want it, we hone in on the realness behind the cravings.  Often we want comfort, which throughout our lives has come in the form of sugary treats or salty snacks or soda.  Our brains are calling out for the craving because it's a habit- habits can change!  One day at a time is how they change.  It helps SO much to talk it out with a family member before going in on a cream pie just because you crave it.  

4)  Put up some motivating pictures, affirmative lines that really speak to you, and any sort of knick knack around the house (especially in the kitchen!) that reminds you of why you are making healthier choices.  Maybe it's to kick the diseases, maybe it's to combat the allergies, maybe it's wanting to feel better in your body.  Whatever it is, find a representative picture, quote, or meaningful object that really works for you and put it somewhere you'll see it (I've been known to literally cover my bathroom mirror with drawings, quotes, affirmations, you name it!)

5)  Know that it's not going to be easy!  Junk food is literally created to addict us; it's harder to quit sugar than it is to quit cigarettes (I know this struggle too well).  We need food every day, so every day we are reminded of the sinfully delicious things in the world and every day we have to make the decisions to stay eating the things that really work for us and make us feel good (not just emotionally, but physically, mentally, even spiritually).  Dig deep in the compassion well and give yourself a serious break- craving foods you don't want to eat is okay!  That's your brain.  You are not a slave to your brain.  You are a conscious being who knows that good foods, from the earth, full of color, fuels you in a way nothing else can.  

6)  Allow for a cheat day every once in a while!  It can be overwhelming to think that you'll never eat a pastry or a chocolate truffle ever again (I mean, why live?).  If you spend most of your days eating whole foods prepared healthfully, why not splurge every once in a while?  This leaves room for possibility, omits the need for total exclusion (and resentment!), and reminds us that we don't have to be perfect all the time.  The KEY to a cheat meal or a cheat day is to ENJOY IT!  Joy is THE biggest pro-digestive emotion, so if you are splurging, splurge with joy!

We have to reframe the way we even think about food; it's not there to satisfy our immediate cravings.  It's literally our fuel, it's what regenerates our cells and keeps all of our systems moving.  Food is medicine, fuel, and it literally becomes us.  When we change the way we eat, we change the way we live in the world.


In love and health- happy spring!