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How My Generation Is Changing the Future of Food- by Violet Anderson

Leah Rosin-PritchardComment

  I am 17 years old and have been a vegetarian my whole life.  People my age and older have always asked me why I chose this.  They declare they could never do that, and wonder how I go without meat.

    Now, almost every one of my friends is becoming vegan or vegetarian. Maybe because it’s a fad, but it’s a fad because information is being discovered and spread. It’s become a fad to be healthy.

    I’ve grown up in a house stocked with good food.  I have memories of my mother curled up watching documentaries on our fat over-aged tv, which I would float by, lingering for minutes or longer, watching along with her. Often, these movies were about the food industry and things related.

  Growing up this way, I was surprised when I started to see that my peers weren’t as exposed or interested in issues around food. Now there’s an increase of information being released and spread and more people, including myself, are becoming more informed.

    One of the things I hear most from folks choosing to become vegans or vegetarians is, “After seeing those documentaries it’s hard for me to want to consume animal products.  The animals are pumped with hormones and treated only like produce.”   

  Any awareness of it is scarring. Over half of green-house emissions come from the meat and dairy industries.  It only takes one time watching videos like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4HJcq8qHAY to completely change a young person’s choices about eating.

    Besides overall benefit to our world and living environment, a plant based diet is the absolute best path for your individual health. My friends have noticed feeling better day to day when eating vegetarian and without over-processed foods. There is a huge amount of evidence to back that up.  Plants are nutrient dense, containing sufficient (and better) proteins, vitamins and minerals that help your body process and utilize the contents of your food. They help the overall function of your body and mind.



Take the hint from my generation: plant-based is the future.



This article reviews the accuracy of the food pyramid as well as the precedented over-consumption of dairy products: