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Are you setting yourself up for success?

Leah Rosin-PritchardComment

In other words... how much time are you spending preparing for what is to come?  Whether it's making space in your life, cleaning before coming home from a grocery run, or setting out your clothes for the next day, taking time to prepare for the day or week ahead can do wonders for the psyche.  

I always feel like once September comes, I start scrambling a bit.  It takes me a week to catch back up to my summer (seemingly) always-ready-for-what's-coming flow.  I try to always have food in my refrigerator that I can quickly assemble and pack to take with me on long days away from home.  It's important to me that the food I am bringing with me won't drag me down- whether that be nutritionally or in taste, it's gotta feel good AND taste good to eat.  Especially when I have a particularly busy day, it's a treat knowing I've packed healthful meals to get through the day with energy, focus, and stable blood sugar.

This is why I created the Omega Bars and the Coconut Macaroons.  These babies are nutritious and perfectly singlularly sized portions ready to throw in your lunch box, purse, or kid's backpack.  You can go about your day knowing you have a product with you that you not only believe in it's nutritional makeup, but one that you can take a minute to really appreciate for it's awesome taste!

Feeling prepared for the day or week is THE recipe for success (ask all those super successful people out there- they're ready for anything because they are prepared!).

In love and preparedness,