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Discipline, Routine, and Wellness

Leah Rosin-PritchardComment

We all have the shared experience of dipping in and out of the discipline of health-based routine in our lives.  We have vacations, workloads, children, all sorts of things that demand our time in an ever ebbing-and-flowing quantity.  At some point, we have the time to integrate all of our tools into one day that contribute to our overall feelings of well-being and groundedness; meditation, yoga, time in nature, home-cooked meals, down-time, naps, reading, early bedtimes, early starts.  Some days we only get one of these things in.  Some days, we can get a few.  On those rare days, we can get it all in.  Expecting it all to happen every day is aiming high-  appreciate each component as you work it in- in that moment, that day, that week, you made time to do this one thing and boy doesn't that one thing help you feel better.  Let's leave out the self-deprecating talk and stir in more of that juicy appreciation.