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Integrate the Better Options- using the Omega Bars, Coconut Macaroons and Chocolate Truffles to Enhance your Diet

Leah Rosin-PritchardComment

Lately, I've been observing that we all seem to want the same thing; we want to eat what tastes good, and to never feel like we are doing without our favorite foods.  Makes sense!  Why live if we have to go without what makes us happy?  But when the things that make you happy are also the things that make you sick, or feel like crap- are they REALLY making you happy?  Something that is in your life to contribute to your happiness should not secretly be degrading your health.  It's like having a cheating spouse; the ice cream tastes good, tells you it loves you, and then turns around and wrecks your intestinal lining, spikes your blood sugar, and causes weight gain.  Not cool!  We deserve something better.  

The best, long term plan is to integrate things into your diet that taste amazing, make you feel like you are indulging, and yet are GOOD FOR YOU!!  

The Omega Bars taste almost like you are eating a rich, complex trail mix cookie!  They are soft and chewy, sweet and salty, hearty and satisfying.  And guess what?  They turn around and enhance your body's functions.  They are easy to digest, give you energy to work with, and give your cells the nutrients they need to keep you moving and grooving.  They won't turn on you and give you a spare tire.  

The Chocolate Truffles are the ULTIMATE bait and switch scheme.  These babies FEEL like a rich, incredibly decadent chocolate straight from a chocolate shop.  And yet, there's NO refined sugar in them!  And no dairy!  So not only are you getting the benefits of the pure, clean saturated fat of the coconut oil, you are also getting the mineral rich, blood sugar stabilizing maple syrup, and the antioxidant, decalcifying punch of the cacao- without ANY of the common side effects of all that OTHER chocolate (ahem- we still love you, we just think you need an upgrade, dearest sugary-dairy chocolate).  

The Coconut Macaroons are by far the most fun to sell so far- NO ONE believes they are vegan and only sweetened with maple syrup.  They are buttery, sweet, with just the right amount of salt- and they're GOOD FOR YOU?! Hell yes they are.  That's the point!  Our macaroons taste BETTER than those other crap-filled cookies out there.  They will get you hooked!  Some addictions are totally acceptable.

Did we mention all of our products are gluten-free, to boot?  I know, we love us too.  Let us continue to love you.