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To preface:  this is only opinion.  I have found the following things to be hugely beneficial in different ways for my own enhancement.  I in no way consider these applicable to all- but, different aspects will resonate with you, some will not.  As with everything, take what you love and leave the rest. 

To start, I want to highlight a couple of things that go hand-in-hand with our philosophy- a love for HEALTHY FATS!  So much research has been coming out about the efficacy of saturated fats on the brain when it comes to general mental clarity, focus, sustained energy, and even Alzheimer's and dementia prevention.


Bulletproof Coffee- Upgraded Self-  These guys are groundbreaking- I have been following their studies on healthy fats for almost two years now.  They pioneered the now popular butter-in-your-coffee tip; 1 tablespoon of grassfed butter, coffee, and MCT oil.  Their MCT High Octane oil is an extract of coconut oil with an incredibly high count of medium-chain triglycerides.  MCTs have been shown to enhance brain function, lower cholesterol, and convert directly into usable (and fat-burning!) energy by the brain and body.  Here is a video how-to, recipe, and website to get yourself hooked up with some Bulletproof goodness.

Onnit Labs- Another group who is totally and completely on the same path nutritionally as I am.  They are all up on the current research as far as protein sources, spices, and all other amazing advancements in the nutritional world.  One thing I've come to swear by through them is their Alpha Brain- it's a nootropic blend of plant material shown to increase mental function, activate neurotransmission, and aids in improved mental clarity, memory, and focus.  This company is continually improving their supplements and nutritional products, conducting research, and kicking ass in spreading knowledge about mental and physical well being and overall enhancement.

Bulletproof Coffee and Alpha Brain are two things I start every day with (I actually don't currently use the MCT oil by Upgraded Self, just a teaspoon of Nutiva Virgin Coconut Oil along with a tablespoon of Kerrygold Salted Butter and Dean's Beans coffee).

Leah's Recipe products are made with virgin organic coconut oil- an incredible source of healthy saturated fat.  Our Omega Bars are packed with a complete amino acid profile (omegas 3 and 6) with flax seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and coconut.  These products were developed with your brain and body health in mind.  Combine LR products with additional pro-Omega and healthy fat choices and FEEL the enhancement!

Stay tuned for more LR's Favorite Things.  And feel free to leave a comment or drop me a line!

A few links to some of the research put in regarding MCTs and healthy fats and their effects on the body: