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A Return to Health

Leah Rosin-PritchardComment

My intention with this blog is to not only promote my products and the various health benefits to be derived from them (ahem, I will definitely be doing that), but to promote and discuss all of the various paths I have found towards happiness- through food choices, spirituality, music, movement, community, and earth-skin-soul connection.  Through the quest for personal wellness, I have come to realize how much our daily choices affect us, our families, our communities, and the future of our earth, and how important it is to share the things that have helped us (any of us) transform in ways that break us through to a greater form of living.

A bit of background on me to start:  upon my return to my home state two years ago, my health, sense of self, and sense of purpose was, to put it lightly, shit. I was a smoker- yep, cigarettes all day.  I ate a lot of fast food, didn't have much of an exercise regimen, and after living in a big city for many years I had no connection to nature (self-determined slave to the financial grind of survival).  I also had no idea (yet) about spirituality and a connection to the greater picture.  My return home was unexpected, and at first my heart was not aware of the vast number of ways I actually needed to come back here.  I had (and still have) so much to learn.  I came home geographically, and have since been returning to my truth.  It has been constant transformation- from quitting cigarettes, to conscious and responsible food choices, to a serious dive into the wide and beautifully life-altering world of yoga and meditation, to community leadership, to birthing a business (I like to think of Leah's Recipe as my baby.  It feels like one- minus the spit-up, the diapers, and just about every other human need and function an actual baby has).  I have come to realize how much happiness is reliant on a daily dedication to choices towards evolution and joy.  I have come to get used to that feeling of total terror that comes with change (most days I can FEEL the neural pathways fighting me while I create new habits). 

My intention with Leah's Recipe is not just to feed all of my friends, family, my community and beyond sweet, delicious desserts that are good for their bodies, but to foster a space in which positive evolution can be supported.  My food is a direct reflection of me and who I have become- intentional, full of love, indulgent, guilt-free, and always with a touch of spice.  My hope is to foster a love for nourishment in my customers and an appreciation for everything we put in our bodies.  This feels like my true purpose here, and it feels good!

I would love to hear from anyone who has had a similar road through unhealthy habits towards health and well-being and personal freedom.  Please share any stories you wish below!