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Real Food Desserts

Feel Fulfilled and Satisfied without Compromise!

Leah Rosin-PritchardComment

We are never more inundated with the cascade of refined sugar than the holiday season.  Every tradition seems to include it:  candy, stockings, pies, cakes, sauces, you name it, sugar's inhabiting it.

 We are all about traditions and from-scratch, special occasion deliciousness, as grandma and Martha passed down to us.  What we are calling for is awareness in your daily routines and food choices.  

Once the holidays are over, the inevitable New Year's Resolution time begins.  80% of people who begin a wellness-based New Year's Resolution on January 1st QUIT within the first week.  Shocking, right?  

So- how will you arm yourself with the tools necessary to persevere through the beginning and into a new lifestyle?  Start swapping!  The BEST place to start is by simply swapping ingredients.  If you would normally drink coffee or tea with sugar, swap out Stevia and Honey.  If you would normally sweeten home-baked goods, replace sugar with local raw honey or maple syrup.  

Find yourself on the go a lot and relying on convenience foods?  Rejoice!  Meet the Omega Bar, the best whole-food, no nonsense nutrition bar sweetened completely naturally with dried organic fruits and local RI raw honey.  Then there's the simple and oh-so-delicious Coconut Macaroons, sweetened with only local RI maple syrup.  For you choco-holics out there (I am president of the club!) cozy up to your new best friend, the Raw Chocolate Truffle.  She is all smooth, rich, decadence and no kick-in-the-butt cravings or sugar crashes.  Each of our three companion treats leave you craving-free and SATISFIED!

You don't have to miss out on the sweetness in life- you CAN feel satisfied and indulge WITHOUT the negative side effects!  It's not magic- it's just our standard of creation.  We want you to feel happy, healthy, and fulfilled!  

Let us know how you plan to bring in the New Year with your wellness resolutions!