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Why pay more for better food?

Leah Rosin-PritchardComment

Seems self-explanatory, right?  

We live in a franchised culture- especially when it comes to food.  McDonald's, Burger King, Subway- they are all cheap, accessible, and universally appealing.  This morning I saw a billboard for McDonald's advertising their dollar menu, and those recurring questions came flooding back into my mind- how the HECK can a burger possibly cost a dollar?  How can a bunch of chicken nuggets cost 99 cents?  What does that say about the VALUE of the ingredients in that food?  

We know what it says, and we know what it's doing to our health and our environment.  We know it's not only unsustainable but completely detrimental.

Let's keep de-vesting in cheaply produced food.  Let's finally let the connection sink in that cheaper food means lower quality, inherently and unavoidably.  Let's acknowledge that this cheaply produced food is actually EXPENSIVE in every other way besides cost to consumers; the cost of the health of our land, our oceans, and our individual bodies is astronomical. 

Invest in your food.  Make peace with the higher prices- they mean higher quality of life for yourself, your family, and the world.  It's worth it!