Leah's Recipe

Real Food Desserts

"With Real Food there is Real Enjoyment."

Leah Rosin-PritchardComment
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As humans, we crave sugar, fat, and salt, and there is this need in us to indulge. Eating unhealthy food can become an outlet, an addiction. But consider, with junk food are we ever fully satisfied?
Junk foods contain the levels of fat and sugar and salt that we crave, but aren't necessarily something we take time to slowly enjoy or appreciate. Is it actually good food or does it just feed a craving? We want it, and then we want more. Sometimes we eat until we are uncomfortably filled, but are we ever fulfilled?
Junk food is like binge watching tv for me. I think, "I deserve this outlet, I deserve to relax." And I enjoy watching television but then when the episode is done I only want to watch another. I feel tired.
Another outlet for me is biking. When I bike I feel sometimes incredible amounts of happiness. I love where I am and I love how I feel. Eventually I get tired or I feel like I am ready to go home, and I do, satisfied. That enjoyment feels so good in the moment and feels so good afterward. There's no way it isn't worth it. Healthy food is like a bike ride.
Eating good food is a different kind of enjoyment. You should be able to indulge. But with real food there is real enjoyment. Sweets that are natural, delicious, and healthy leave you not only with a good taste on your tongue, but energized. A recipe for satisfaction.