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Plants Rule- How Plant-based Diet Can Change the World

Leah Rosin-PritchardComment

"He that takes medicine and neglects diet, wastes the time of his doctor."

-Ancient Chinese proverb


The food we eat is part of a system, fueling our energy. It's the most important element to keep conscious awareness of, working as the foundation of a happy and healthy life.

There are many studies showing a healthy whole foods and plant based diet can prevent and even reverse the most common diseases Americans and much of the world face. The amount of cases showing regression of heart disease, diabetes, and depression with just a healthy diet and lifestyle is impressive and growing as this idea of treatment is gaining more exposure.  Check out the studies below promoted by the Preventative Medicine Research Institute. 


You are a conscious participant- change your eating habits, improve your health, effect change in your community, and watch the world improve!

Treating Depression with Diet, Exercise, and Stress-Management

Effectiveness of Diet, Exercise, and Stress Management on Coronary Heart Disease Treatment

Treatment of Diabetes with Diet, Exercise, and Stress Management Techniques

NPR: Environment, October 20, 2011

Story: In a new study, researchers from McMaster University found that in people with a certain gene that elevates heart attack risk, a diet high in fruits and vegetables can help lower the risk. Dr. Sonia Anand explains the study, and what still needs to be learned about the gene.

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Forks Over Knives is an intriguing and extremely informative documentary examining the impacts of a plant based and whole foods diet versus what one may call the "Western Diet."