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Real Food Desserts

An Easy Transition to a Happier, Healthier You

Leah Rosin-PritchardComment

Stress and neglect are two sides of a scale that are both common and easy to fall into when it comes to staying healthy. But if the goal is just a happy mind and body it should feel easy and enjoyable. Diets or setting laws for myself was never an effective method for me. However, I will agree these methods can be effective to help kickstart healthy eating with some.

When I started to relax, eat what I wanted and felt I needed instead of just what was available, I became healthier and happier without even realizing it at first. Being creative and open to different foods has encouraged and energized me, also contributing to my healthier habits.

This of course hasn’t been an immediate thing. It’s gradual, but so simple. All that is needed is evaluation of enjoyment and energy supply with different foods and then conscious decisions about what you want to eat and the transition will happen naturally.

Considering what I am most in the mood to eat along with my want for quality food has seamlessly shifted me to a healthier diet. I find I am now usually in the mood for healthy foods and my diet is actually starting to balance out without any unwanted changes. Raising my standards for what I eat on a regular basis has also diminished my taste for over processed foods high in fat and sugar. Now when I want something sweet I am craving all natural and well made desserts. In turn, eating less over processed foods has opened my eyes to better tasting and more creative choices, refreshing and fueling the cycle.